Justice Warriors — The Mega-Interview

All three variant covers for issue #1 from Ahoy comics: by Ben Passmore, Ben Clarkson, and myself.

Comic Book Resources asked us about our collaborative writing and art process and also published some back-up material from issue 1.

CBR: What was your writing process like? How did the two of you collaborate to build the world of the Justice Warriors?

Get to your local comic shop and please be mindful that demand could outstrip supply.

Villain Media asked about the main characters of the series.

VM: Tell me what interested you about these characters, Swamp Cop and Schitt.

This cop is a real piece of shit!

Vol 1 Brooklyn asked about doing a cop comic in the current political climate.

V1B: At the end of the first issue, you include a list of comics that blend superheroes and policing, from a Captain America arc to Gotham Central. Was creating a comic about police — even a satirical one — particularly challenging right now?

The Chief, obsessed with her menchies.

Women Write About Comics asked us how dark a satire can be without losing people.

WWAC: Do you ever wonder just how much your art imitates life and if that causes humor to fall flat or receive an interpretation that was unintentional? I’m reading this issue during the height of the U.S. baby formula shortage, so the sequence featuring an arrest over a heist of baby formula hits closer to home than it may have been intended.

The Starfish Gang raid the Ration Depot for Nutri-Lac.

ConSkipper asks about our collaboration process.

CS: Structurally, your new comics has been described as “a collaborative art process involving both creators contributing to various stages of layouts”. Can you each explain how you work on the comic together?

police station design we got just right. Colors on all these by Felipe Sobreiro.

Comic Con asked about the Prince, the pop star mayor of Bubble City, whose new album has just been released at the beginning of issue 1.

OM: And, presiding over Bubble City, we have the mayor. Any contemporary equivalents you maybe challenging through this egotistical, money-driven character, or an amalgamation of a number of traits our current crop of politicians have on display? After all, Matt, your background was in political cartooning.

The Prince in his tower with his economic advisors.

Forces of Geek would like to know how we geek.

FOG: What are you currently geeking out over?

A cyborg rat economic advisor. Every mega-celebrity mayor needs one.

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Matt Bors

Matt Bors

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