My new book Justice Warriors is here

Matt Bors
3 min readMar 3, 2023


My new dystopian satire with Ben Clarkson is out now.

I won’t waste any time burying the lede: I have a new book out and you can order it directly from me if you are in the US. For more about Justice Warriors, read on.

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Our hit comic Justice Warriors is out in trade from Ahoy Comics, with 168 pages collecting all six issues of dystopian mayhem by me, Ben Clarkson, and Felipe Sobreiro. This series introduces the crime-free world of Bubble City surrounded by the crime-forward slums of The Uninhabited Zone. The story follows veteran Swamp Cop and rookie Schitt as they work to stop a new astrology-based gang seeking to upend society’s bad vibes in what AIPT calls “the type of comic that comes around once in a while and reminds you what the form can achieve.”

If you’ve liked my past work in political cartoons, I think you’ll love Justice Warriors. And if you want to see more Justice Warriors (something we have years of stories ideas for), or the other comic book ideas I’d like to launch, then your support is crucial.

Your local comic shop and bookstores are important to keep in business, so consider ordering from them directly. Otherwise, you should order from my website right here and now. I have a haul of books that are being mailed by Bors Associates (family) within the US. Outside the States, you’ll have to turn to stores, websites, libraries, theft, etc.

We have a blurb from Peter Chung too. If that name means anything to you, then you probably understand how frankly cool that is, as he’s had a huge influence on both me and Ben.

“Do not resist. Justice Warriors is no doubt some kind of elaborate hoax, and requires only that you succumb to its power to confound, outrage and delight.” — Peter K Chung, creator of Æon Flux

To further entice you, this book contains an exclusive six page backup story written, drawn, colored, and lettered by me. It’s a short, action-packed comic featuring our lead character Swamp Cop where I tried to bring my A-game so it could stand next to Ben Clarkson’s stunning drawings. Here are some choice panels.

Order a copy here!



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